Ph.D Research

I received my M.A (Educational Theatre) from New York University in 2007, with a specialisation in applied theatre with grassroots communities, having already taught drama and lifeskills to both secondary students and prison inmates in Singapore for a number of years, which I continued until 2011. From my practice, I have observed that participants often bring into a theatrical space their social and personal issues. The social dynamics are played out in their dramas. Through dramatic conventions and interventions, theatre offered the participants perspective-taking, community-bonding, and relief.

My Ph.D research is a deeper and wider exploration on the functions and effects of theatre with grassroots and disenfranchised communities. More specifically, the principal objective is to investigate and document the contemporary theatre of Afghanistan in the post-Taliban period, and to observe critically the impact and functions of theatre arts as embodied practices in the last 10 years.

Essentially, the question to be asked is: What are the functions and meanings of contemporary theatre in post-Taliban Afghanistan?


In 2015, the year that I should complete my dissertation, I entered the Three Minute Thesis Competition in March and became a finalist. Here are the findings and summary of my research in under three minutes: