Fieldwork 101: Ethics and Getting Letters of Support

Conducting fieldwork and researching in schools, communities, hospitals, and war zones, for example, often come under heavy scrutiny by institutions of higher learning. While working with populations who are vulnerable, such as children,… Continue reading

Orthodox Terrorism Theory

Some points from ‘The Impact of Orthodox Terrorism Discourses on the Construction of the Liberal Peace: Internalisation, Resistance and Hybridisation’ (2007) by Oliver P. Richmond and Jason Franks fascinated me. In a diagram… Continue reading

Afghans Performing Shakespeare

Here is an archival of articles and reviews from the internet on 2 contemporary Shakespearean plays: (i) The Comedy of Errors, and (ii) Love’s Labour Lost, both performed by Roy-e-Sabs Theatre (or Rah-e-Sabs,… Continue reading

Afghan Film and Literature Resources

Upon request, I’ve decided to compile an ongoing list of resources of Afghan literature/culture. The genres are mixed; some are autobiographical, others are fictional. Even if they appear to be based on personal… Continue reading

The Syntax of Succinctness in Reviewing Literatures

In the previous blog, I uploaded the initial research proposal in support of my application to the PhD programme at the University of Manchester. I also wrote about how silly it sounded. Not… Continue reading

Steps Towards Writing a PhD Proposal in Applied Theatre

Friends have asked to take a look at the PhD proposal I used to submit to the University of Manchester (Drama Department). It has taken me a while before I am comfortable showing… Continue reading

Media Objectification of the Afghan Girl

In today’s BBC news, a photographer from the French news agency AFP has won a Pulitzer prize for showing a traumatised girl surviving an attack during the Shia religious festival Ashura. More than… Continue reading

At Home With Afghan Playwright, Mr Zahir Mohseni

March 18, 2012 It was a chance encounter of sorts. I had gone to the Afghanistan Embassy on Friday (16 March 2012) at 11am – having only received a confirmation email one day… Continue reading

Hjalmar Jorge JOFFRE-EICHHORN: Act with Empathy Hjalmar J. Joffre-Eichhorn, co-founder of the Afghanistan Human Rights Democracy Organisation, talks about Forum Theatre in Afghanistan as a participatory tool for emancipation and empathy. He explains that they play theatre games… Continue reading

A Ticket To An Afghan School: The Mobile Mini-Circus For Children in Kabul

(Migrated from another blog, Saturday, December 24, 2011 It is a school brimming with activities. Even in the near zero-degree weather in Kabul on a cold Christmas Eve morning – they do… Continue reading