No More Drama: Critical Distance or Emergency Stop?

I haven’t spoken about The Event in Kabul. Not publicly. Not yet. Despite a few encouragements prodding me to tell the truth and to not be disingenuous in my portrayal of Afghanistan, and… Continue reading

Real Ethical Dilemmas From A Horrific Event in Kabul

I left Kabul, Afghanistan, on 30th April 2013 [Postscript correction: 1st May 2013], twenty-four* hours after The Event happened. As I write this from my home in Singapore, I am plagued by conflicting… Continue reading

Afghan Sound Bytes: Actor Khanullah Rasa Talks About Theatre, Corruption and Bacha Bazi

Actor Khanullah Rasa raises some important issues around performance making in Afghanistan (both on radio and stage), as well as corruption and child dances. Interview with Khanullah Rasa on 13th April 2013

Afghan Sound Bytes: An Interview with Voice Actor, Samsoor Wahidi

This is my feeble attempt to document the voice recordings in the field because the interviews I had conducted almost a year ago can no longer be found in my hard disk. That’s… Continue reading

Public Displays of Affection in Kabul

The cultural conditioning around intimacy especially in the West has predominantly resulted in an anxiety that sexualises touch. Teachers, for example, are discouraged from showing physical touch sometimes for fear of being accused… Continue reading

Labels, Emotions and Expectations

“What’s wrong with you? You should have known better…” “I expected more from you…” “You are….” Labels, unfortunately, do not stigmatise children but adults alike. And it’s usually labels heaped on you by… Continue reading

Chinese New Year in Afghanistan (Video)

It’s Chinese New Year (CNY) in 4 days’ time. While this is not my first CNY experienced outside Singapore, the absence of a Chinatown here in Kabul — at least in my limited… Continue reading

A Meltdown: Beggars and Veils and All Things Ail

One cannot miss her. I walk to the supermarket almost three times a week. Try as I might to gingerly go around her to the entrance of Finest supermarket, I am certain my… Continue reading

All Afghans Have Guns?

“No,” I retorted, “they need licenses to have guns here.” Everyone in the car laughed. “This is Afghanistan. They don’t need a license,” my colleague exclaimed. “Well, let’s ask who in the office… Continue reading

2012 WordPress in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,600 views in… Continue reading