Football Champions at “Play” at the South Asian Football Federation Championship 2013 and a Victorious Remaking of Afghan Cultural Identity

Two immediate observations from the triumphant 2-0 win over India at the 2013 South Asian Football Federation Championship stand out for me: (i) the euphoria signalling a nationalistic pride; and (ii) the celebratory… Continue reading

Unwelcome Return of Trauma and the Necessary Paradox of Beauty in the Beast

I had just moved into my new one-room flat along Kersal Way, Salford, UK. In all accounts, it is a clean apartment which overlooks the River Irwell, with a semi wasteland in my… Continue reading

National Geographic and the Afghan Girl: A Case for Critique Using Edmund Chow’s Applied Performance Model

In an earlier post, I wrote about the insidiousness of the media and the unethical objectification of women, especially that of the Afghan girl in the 1985 issue of National Geographic (see link).… Continue reading

Defining the Applied Performance Model (APM)

The Applied Performance Model (by Edmund Chow, 2012), or APM for short, is a visual representation of nodes that allows performance studies researchers, academics, theatre critics, as well as applied theatre practitioners and… Continue reading

Afghan Sound Bytes: Interview with actor-director Shalaka Ranadive on ‘Friendly Fire’ and on women’s rights in Afghanistan

Back in Singapore, I found a theatre practitioner who had been involved in a play, ‘Friendly Fire’, played to audiences in London and Singapore. In this interview dated 07 August 2013, Shalaka Ranadive… Continue reading

Why Measurements of Progress Fail in Afghanistan and What Lessons Theatre Offers Western Donors

One Guardian article on 3rd July 2013 states: “West demands more progress from Afghanistan in return for aid”. It seems to be a reasonable request: if the donors in the west had funded… Continue reading

A Post-Trauma Poem: From 9 to 4

* This was posted on Facebook much earlier, but I thought it would be useful to archive this on my blog. thank you very much but I need no advice not because I… Continue reading

Post-Trauma Note (Week 7): Awakenings at 4

I am awakened again. Suddenly. Abruptly. Out of the blue when I had been soundly sleeping. Or that’s what I thought. Now the body is on his own track. Reacting. Responding. Running on… Continue reading

Post-Trauma Notes (Week 4): When Telling Personal Stories of Horror Produces Unexpected, Unhelpful Responses

I feel utterly vulnerable by foolishly going against sound advice. At 10 o’clock this morning, 23rd May 2013, (see Note 1 and Note 2 below), I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Continue reading

Diary of an NGO Worker in Kabul: Edmund’s Collection of Facebook and Twitter Status Updates

The following entries are consolidated from my Twitter and Facebook status updates. The reasons for dating the entries chronologically (Day 1, Day 2, etc) are twofold: (i)            They serve as a repository of… Continue reading