Heating and Eating in Afghanistan

Completely irrelevant to performance or education matters, this excerpt taken from Helen Saberi’s “Noshe Djan: Afghan Food and Cookery” (1986/2000), published by Prospect Books in London, has an illustration which I want to… Continue reading

Performing Molière in Afghanistan in the 1970s

Mohammad Ali Raonaq is the first translator of Molière’s plays from French to Dari. Having had his education in France, Ali Raonaq returned to Afghanistan in the 1950s. From then on, the translated… Continue reading

Kabul National Theatre (Kabul Nandari) in the 1970s

The Kabul National Theatre, or Kabul Nandari (in Dari), was destroyed after the arrival of the Mujahideens, presumably in the late 1980s. But before that, during the Communist regime under the administration of… Continue reading

How to write an undergraduate dissertation

Dear Undergraduate at UoM, I am completing my PhD at the University of Manchester. I can understand your anxiety in completing well. However, your question has too many parts as it relates to… Continue reading

Black Crows: Saudi’s Veil over Education in Afghanistan

In the 19 December 2014 broadcast of a special series titled “The Girls of the Taliban” (watch the full documentary here), Najibullah Quraishi and Jamie Doran from Al Jazeera raise an alarming concern that… Continue reading

Islamic Values At Stake During A Theatre Performance in Kabul

I write this with immense sadness and anger. In the 11th December 2014 terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, during a theatre performance at the Istiqlal High School, a Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said… Continue reading

The National Library’s Pulping of Children’s Books

Earlier, I had made a video in response to the National Library Board (NLB)’s banning and pulping of three children’s storybooks in Singapore. Watch the video below. I was then invited to be… Continue reading

An Interview with Gulwali Passarlay and the Diverse Opinions on US-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement

President Hamid Karzai’s inaction over the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) had sparked antagonistic reactions in the media. John R. Allen and Michael E. O’Hanlon from the New York Times title their piece ‘Ignore… Continue reading

I Argue. I Insist. I Warn: Academic Writing Tips on Clarifying Your Theoretical Position

Making a stand or clarifying a theoretical position in an academic essay takes various forms. Sometimes, making it explicit for your readers is as easy as just stating it in the first-person anywhere… Continue reading

Two Military Performances of ‘Gangnam Style’ in Afghanistan: What A Joke!

So far, I haven’t looked at the military occupation in Afghanistan. What the military forces do there have not appealed to me, personally and professionally. In part, I am “fighting” against the academic… Continue reading