Afghan Men Protesting For Women’s Rights: A Step In The Right Direction

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afghan men buraYesterday, March 8th marked the 104th anniversary of International Women’s Day as people all over the world found unique and creative ways to raise awareness about the rights, or lack thereof, of women, calling for gender equality and celebrating the achievements of women worldwide. These were done through social media, local and international events, educational seminars, political functions, etcetera. When it comes to commemorating global events like International Women’s Day, the sky is the limit.

However, the event that stood out the most for me, and even made headlines last week, was that of a group of 20 Afghan men, fully clad in blue shuttlecock burqas, marching down the streets of Kabul, raising awareness and protesting for women’s rights. The demonstration was specifically organised to commemorate International Women’s Day by a group called Afghan Peace…

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