Diary of an NGO Worker in Kabul: Edmund’s Collection of Facebook and Twitter Status Updates

The following entries are consolidated from my Twitter and Facebook status updates. The reasons for dating the entries chronologically (Day 1, Day 2, etc) are twofold:

(i)            They serve as a repository of reminders and memories of past events; and

(ii)          Should my numbers be missing, I know my Facebook family and friends in Singapore would be able to suspect something might be amiss (e.g. if something bad were to happen to me?), which in reality, is evidenced by the gap of 3 days and sudden changes in locations: 28th April (left Istanbul for Kabul), 28th April (arrived in Kabul, unrecorded), 30th April (fled Kabul, unrecorded), and 2nd May (arrived in Singapore). [Postscript correction: 29th April (arrived in Kabul, unrecorded)… 1st May (fled Kabul, unrecorded)…]

As most people do on Facebook, status updates on social media often hide the real tensions experienced during the course of the stint. It was not appropriate to voice out personal struggles online. So here they are, in the general scheme of an NGO worker in Kabul for 5 months.

[25 Nov 2012]:
Dear family and friends, I have 5 days left here in the UK. Starting from December, I’ll be working with an NGO in Afghanistan for a peacebuilding project. I will be away for at least 6 months. If you can, I would greatly appreciate your prayers, thoughts and positive energies. Depending on wifi connections, I may not be so active on FB. But will definitely keep everyone updated intermittently, as and when I have wifi. Thank you ALL for your love, support and care. It’s going to be a new phase of my research journey. I’m nervous, but also, very excited. THANK YOU! Will see you soon…

<I arrived in Kabul on 2nd Dec 2012, and because the NGO needed time to settle my internet accounts, I only started updates on Day 3>

Kabul Day 3, 8:49am [4 Dec 2012]:
Starting my day at the office. No facebook. But twitter is fine. One way communication.

Almost 4pm here in Kabul. Office hours ending in 15 min. Will go to the gym for the first time with colleague. Need to unwind.

Kabul Day 4, 8.39am [5 Dec 2012]:
My Macbook power cable is completely broken. Need to find a replacement to charge my laptop asap.

Kabul Day 5, 9:29am [6 Dec 2012]:
Still waiting for Macbook Air replacement power cable to arrive. Work has halted for me. Last day of NGO work week. 🙂

Kabul Day 7 [8 Dec 2012]:
BLOG UPDATED: Travelling Tips To Afghanistan http://wp.me/pXIkq-7c

Kabul Day 8, 8:58am [9 Dec 2012]:
It’s Sunday, but here in Afghanistan, it’s a work day. Govt bodies rest on Thu-Fri, while NGOs on Fri-Sat. Salaam!

Singapore ranks top 5 least (perceived) corrupted country in the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index. http://bit.ly/11TuIeh

Afghanistan’s Rock-bottom Global Corruption Ranking http://huff.to/SAC6ao  via @HuffPostWorld

Kabul Day 9, 10:07am [10 Dec 2012]:
In new office. Problems connecting with LAN. Apparently, MacBook Air has ethernet problems. Will buy Macbook Pro next.

UPDATED BLOG: Afghan Kite Flying and its Symbolism http://wp.me/pXIkq-7B

Kabul Update: Here are some pictures from my day of kite-flying, and of course, a reflexive piece of writing. http://bit.ly/YU6geW

Kabul Day 10, 9:24am [11 Dec 2012]:
No water at our guesthouse last night. Had to fetch water from street tap. Feeling sleepy today, like other days.

Incredible film on the Afghan game on horses, called buzkashi. Film by Sam French called Buzkashi Boys. http://vimeo.com/devpix/buzkashiboys 

Kabul Day 11, 9am [12 Dec 2012]:
Need advice for NGO. Is the Canon 5D Mark II camera good for both stills and videos? We’re trying to do some filming.

Kabul Day 12, 8:27am [13 Dec 2012]:
The falling of snow marks the beginning of winter, according to locals. Kabul has started snowing. Will be fun!

Kabul Day 12, 8.29am:
“Fun” is not the right word (from earlier tweet). Hope we won’t see children dying as of last year from harsh winter.

Kabul Day 12, 6.00pm:
Have been waiting for 2h for driver to get us home. Hungry and sleepy. But no driver in sight. Still stuck in office.

Kabul Day 14, 4.37pm [15 Dec 2012]:
Colleague has flown home. I just moved into his room which is much bigger. Feeling good. Time for a much needed nap.

Kabul Day 15, 10.03am [16 Dec 2012]:
Quiet workday at the office. But deadlines still to be met. Yes, Sunday is start of a work week in Afghanistan.

Kabul Day 15, 4.05pm:
Very productive day at the office. Feeling energised because my boss has reaaffirmed my proposal. 🙂

Kabul Day 16, 8.45am [17 Dec 2012]:
Each time I walk up the flight of steps to my office, I pant heavily. Forgot that Kabul is 1,791m above sea level.

Kabul Day 16, 10.07am:
Finally precipitating soft fluffy snow for a prolonged, but gentle, period of time. Winter Wonderland? 🙂

Kabul Day 17, 8.31am [18 Dec 2012]:
In my garden. <posted a picture of me with snow in the background>

Kabul Day 17, 3.26pm:
1st ethical dilemma faced. Need to be clear headed.

Becoming the norm. No prizes for guessing where I am 🙂 <posted video while cooking in a pitch-dark kitchen>

Kabul Day 18, 2.58pm [19 Dec 2012]:
A day of challenges. Need to grasp big picture for the project. Steep learning curve — but to be embraced.

Kabul Day 19, 8.50am [20 Dec 2012]:
Like Singapore weddings, there was a lot of waiting at the wedding last night. But it was fun! Lots of dancing.

@purcess I didn’t dance. I was just enjoying the whole spectacle 🙂

Kabul Day 19, 1.06pm:
I always look forward to the delicious lunch served at my NGO. Unleavened bread, rice, meat, raw salads. And chilli!

Kabul Day 20, [21 Dec 2012]:
Louie Palu, Photojournalist: It’s Easier To Get Guns In America Than In A War Zone (VIDEO) http://huff.to/UgLzWE  via @HuffPostLive

Kabul Day 21, [22 Dec 2012]:
BLOG UPDATED: Kabul Police Check: A Question of Interrogation and Integrity http://wp.me/pXIkq-8q

Kabul Day 22, 3.47pm [23 Dec 2012]:
Very productive day at work. Completed first draft of workplan. Feeling energised and accomplished. 🙂

Kabul Day 22, 8pm:
Had a great workout from local gym. Arguably, there’s very little nightlife, so Afghans exercise to pass time. 🙂

The US mission in Afghanistan is corrupt, says an author to PressTV. http://shar.es/hl1Xp  via @sharethis

Kabul Day 22, 10.36pm:
Tonight my caretaker brought a gas tank for my heater, so i don’t need to depend on electricity. Warm and cosy now.

Kabul Day 24, 12am (Christmas Day) [25 Dec 2012]:
Please don’t mind the poor audio-visual quality, but Merry Christmas from Afghanistan anyway! 🙂 <posted a video of me singing “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”>

Kabul Day 25, 9.39am [26 Dec 2012]:
Down with cold since Christmas. Need to buy flu meds. In the meantime, gotta start my spreadsheet for project budget.

Kabul Day 25, 3.05pm:
YES! My proposed budget has been accepted. Work is smooth 🙂

Kabul Day 26, 7.51am [27 Dec 2012]:
Snowing again.

Kabul Day 26, 11.07am:
I LOVE SNOW! <posted pics of me in the snow, outside my office>

Kabul Day 28, 3.46pm [29 Dec 2012]:
Dear friends, thank you for all the wonderful well wishes for my birthday. I’m grateful http://instagr.am/p/T0YR5lsFdM/

Kabul Day 29, [30 Dec 2012]:
UPDATED BLOG: Intimacy, Safety and Family: An Ethnographic Experience with Afghan Cultures http://wp.me/pXIkq-8B

Kabul Day 31, [1 Jan 2013]:
2012 WordPress in Review http://wp.me/pXIkq-8J

Kabul Day 33, [3 Jan 2013]:
Hard lessons as #Afghanistan withdrawal nears http://aje.me/XgNzko  via @AJEnglish Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 35, 8.53pm [6 Jan 2013]:
Afghan tulang, called “mahecha”. Lethal bite! <posted pics of me eating mahecha>

<There is a surprisingly huge gap in dates here, but I cannot seem to find any updates on my Facebook>

Kabul Day 42, 12.55pm [12 Jan 2013]:
I’m looking puny. Advice to self: Never stand beside a tall person during photo shoots. Hahaha — with Arman Azizi and Abdulwasi Safi. <posted pics of friends>

Kabul Day 44, 9.38pm [14 Jan 2013]:
NGO work is very fulfilling. My next task is a quarterly report for our women’s radio programming. 🙂

Kabul Day 46, 2.08pm [16 Jan 2013]:
Just about 2h ago, an explosion was reported in the District where I work. My colleague heard it; I didn’t. God bless.

Kabul Day 48, 9.09pm [19 Jan 2013]:
Came back from bowling at the only bowling centre in Kabul called “Strikers”. <posted pics of me bowling>

Preview of an upcoming animation project I’m doing for my NGO. Drew these Afghan characters <posted pics of Afghan characters from powerpoint>

Kabul Day 51, [22 Jan 2013]:
Prince Harry: I’ve killed in Afghanistan. But Dad wants me to act like a prince http://gu.com/p/3d8gd/tw  via @guardian

Kabul Day 54, [25 Jan 2013]:
Taken in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, in a northern province called Balkh. — at Mazar-E-Sharif <pic of me in Mazar>

Kabul Day 55, [26 Jan 2013]:
Taliban target Kabul, not negotiations. via Afghanistan Today: http://shar.es/ChWZy

Horsing around in Mazar-e Sharif. You can see how tiny I was beside the horse, and how I had to be “carried like a baby” to mount it. LOL! If I have time and money, I might consider picking up horseriding as a hobby. Oh Afghan horses, such regal beauties! (6 photos)

Kabul Day 56, [27 Jan 2013]:
#Kabul CID chief out of city, so can’t comment; police chief confirmed kidnapping of expat but declined details citing ongoing operation. Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 57, [28 Jan 2013]:
BLOG UPDATED: All Afghans Have Guns? http://wp.me/pXIkq-8L

Kabul Day 59, [30 Jan 2013]:
Asylum for gay Afghan man sets precedent http://cphpost.dk/news/national/asylum-gay-afghan-man-sets-precedent … via @cphpost Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Afghan widows would ‘rather die’ http://www.dw.de/afghan-widows-would-rather-die/a-16562576?maca=en-rss-en-world-4025-rdf … Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 61, [1 Feb 2013]:
BLOG UPDATED: A Meltdown: Beggars and Veils and All Things Ail http://wp.me/pXIkq-8V

<Another chronological gap that cannot be tracked on Facebook. Weird. But I suspect it’s due to electrical outages in the guesthouse, and busy work schedules and deadlines at the office.>

Kabul Day 65, [5 Feb 2013]:
Malala Yousufzai Video Statement: Pakistani Girl Shot By Taliban Says She Is ‘Recovering’ http://huff.to/12mYFGj  via @HuffPostWorld

Dr Ahmad Sarmast’s Music School in Kabul (Afghanistan National Institute of Music) revitalises a ruined culture – http://aje.me/W8f4af

Kabul Day 66, [6 Feb 2013]:
Chinese New Year in Afghanistan (Video) http://wp.me/pXIkq-9D

Kabul Day 67, [7 Feb 2013]:
@Kabuls Hi. I need a theatre research assistant and a good translator. Haven’t watched any performances yet. Any advice?

@Kabuls It’s ok. It’s very kind of you to ask. Thanks so much 🙂

Kabul Day 69, [9 Feb 2013]:
Kabul Day 70, 6.22pm: Another Afghan friend wishing everyone a Ha <posted video of Finest supermarket staff wishing a Happy Chinese New Year in Cantonese>

Kabul Day 70, 1.57pm [10 Feb 2013]:
Kabul Day 71*, 1.57pm: Another Afghan friend sends his intercultu<posted video of colleague wishing a Happy Chinese New Year in Cantonese>

*mistakes with the numbering of days

<Another chronological gap, which I recall was due to deadlines for proposals, all submitted back-to-back one after another.>

Kabul Day 74, [14 Feb 2013]:
Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan (12 photos)

Road trip from Kabul to Jalalabad — in Jalalabad, Nangarhar.

Kabul Day 75, [15 Feb 2013]:
RIP Akmal Akbari, my dearest brother and colleague, lost his life, together with his family and many others, when they met with a road accident on the bus from Kabul to Kandahar yesterday. You are in my heart always. I will love you and miss you forever. Rest in peace, Akmal jan. — with Amjad Ali and Weda Wail.

Kabul Day 77, [17 Feb 2013]:
The sun’s rays are a reminder of Hope, Peace and Beauty, especially in hard times. http://instagr.am/p/V1MnIBsFaT/

Kabul Day 80, [20 Feb 2013]:
More pics from my road trip to Jalalabad. (6 photos)

Kabul Day 85, [25 Feb 2013]:
Friend #birthday#night#party#awesome#peoples -:) — with Marc Perry and Edmund Chow at Le Jardin. <pic of colleague’s birthday party at French restaurant>

Kabul Day 87, [27 Feb 2013]:
News Analysis: Coalition Says Afghan Attacks Didn’t Fall After All http://nyti.ms/ZHtF3o Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Debut episode of Dar Jostorjoy-e Roshani to be broadcast at 9am today, Kabul time, 105.2 FM. Podcasts at @twanmedia

My office staff have stopped work momentarily to listen to our debut radio drama now. 105.2FM 🙂

Kabul Day 90, 4.08pm [2 Mar 2013]:
Kabul Day 91*, 4.08pm: Hungry. And behold, cup noodles from Singapore in Afghanistan. Lol. http://instagr.am/p/WWoxoVMFcj/

*mistakes with the numbering of days

Trying this for the 1st time to increase my network on Twiends. Hope it works. http://twiends.com

10 y/o Bilal Wafa tells a story of a vacation by using plasticine to make stop-motion animation. Creativity at T’wan http://bit.ly/14dFQ4U Retweeted by Edmund Chow

NATO apologises for killing two Afghan boys http://aje.me/ZVEX44 Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 91, [3 Mar 2013]:
the pErfect BabiEs
03/03/2013 — with Marc Perry and 2 others at Lux Capio Photography Agency. <pic of colleague at photography workshop>

Kabul Day 92*, 9.09pm: Sharing dinner, but unwilling to dirty my hands today. http://instagr.am/p/WZwCOzsFb6/

*mistakes with the numbering of days

Kabul Day 92, [4 Mar 2013]:
@GaryWinship Hi Gary, how wonderful! Thank you for letting me know about Rex Haigh’s therapeutic communities. How could I contact him?

Kabul Day 93, [5 Mar 2013]:
Guardian gets hold of Afghan Female Boxer’s (r delayed) story @IdreesZaman @cpau @EdmundChow @IanRDN http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/05/female-afghan-boxers-uk-bout?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter …Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 94, [6 Mar 2013]:
The 2nd episode of our radio drama ‘Dar Jostojoy-e Roshani’ will be broadcast at 9am (Kabul time), FM 105.2 (Radio Afghanistan). Live calls. Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 95*, 1.07pm: Finishing up a quotation for a mobile theatre in Badakshan. From 2pm, I’ve got 24h to complete another proposal.

*mistakes with the numbering of days

Kabul Day 96, 9.53am, [8 Mar 2013]:
Kabul Day 97*, 9.53am: Waking up on a Friday to manually wash my clothes and wring them out to dry in the sun. Hope it’s a quiet day of rest.

BLOG UPDATED: Labels, Emotions and Expectations http://wp.me/pXIkq-9M

Students have lost the ability to do anything practical. The only thing they’ve mastered is consumption http://gu.com/p/3e287/tw  via @guardian

Afghanistan marks Women’s Day with film festival – The Express Tribune http://bit.ly/14B9eSP Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 97*, 6.32pm:
Nutella and hot naan (bread) for dinner. http://instagr.am/p/WmWLZKsFfn/

*mistakes with the numbering of days. Think I’ll keep to the originally dated posting from now. It’s too laborious to keep track.

Kabul Day 98, 3.06pm [9 Mar 2013]:
Just discovered to my horror that I sit at my computer reading and writing much… http://instagr.am/p/WojV92MFWz/

Under cover of darkness, Afghan women head to battle http://nbcnews.to/16gqAIj  via @nbcnightlynews

Kabul Day 99, [10 Mar 2013]:
Reading the Asia Foundation’s Afghan Voter Behavior Survey — http://registan.net/2012/04/25/behind-the-numbers-reading-the-asia-foundations-afghan-voter-behavior-survey/ 

Kabul Day 100, 8am, [11 March 2013]:
Woohoo! My 100th day in Kabul. What an accomplishment in itself. Work is going well, and so is my health

DTN Afghanistan: Video Karzai accuses U.S. of teaming with Taliban: A joint press conference with Defense Secr… http://bit.ly/10AIc15 Retweeted by Edmund Chow

DTN Afghanistan: Commander denies Afghan presidents accusation that US is trying to increase violence: KABUL, … http://bit.ly/10sTsJe Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 100, 6.30pm:
Friends say medicines here are fake. Let me taste and see ;p http://instagr.am/p/WuERKXsFXs/

Kabul Day 101, [12 Mar 2013]:
Delicious food (dinner) — with Marc Perry and 4 others at Sufi. <pics posted>

Kabul Day 102, 5.54pm [13 Mar 2013]:
Dusk in Kabul http://instagr.am/p/WzJ1qZsFZv/

Kabul Day 103, [14 Mar 2013]:
Simple pleasures are found in a bottle: Nutella http://instagr.am/p/W0msI-MFaV/

Kabul Day 105, [16 Mar 2013]:
Sefat’s mother made me this self-embroidered handkerchief. Wow! Such artistry 🙂 http://instagr.am/p/W7Ics5MFYS/

When Is Activism Worth Getting Arrested? http://nyti.ms/16wlY0K

Kabul Day 106, 9.30pm [17 Mar 2013]:
A Cristiano Ronaldo mug– a gift from Hamayoun. http://instagr.am/p/W91i5TMFSz/

Baghdad, Iraq: 10 years after Saddam http://gu.com/p/3edec/tw  via @guardian

Iraq war 10 years on: ‘1 problem has been the withdrawal of the educated elite. So many have emigrated’ http://gu.com/p/3edyz/tw  via @guardian

Iraq war planning wholly irresponsible, say senior UK military figures http://gu.com/p/3efzn/tw  via @guardian

Kabul Day 107, 1.30am [18 Mar 2013]:
Insomnia on a weary body. Thoughts abuzz. Somewhere deep down, research questions linger. 6 months left. Too short!

Afghan nougats: a gift from Sefat. And it comes with a plate! 🙂 http://instagr.am/p/W–YpEsFYF/

Kabul Day 107, 9.04pm:
In 3 days’, we celebrate the Persian New Year! Firecrackers will go off and, according to some, more suicide bombers.

Kabul Day 108, [19 Mar 2013]:
football day — with Farhad Sediqi and 3 others.  <pics posted of football>

Kabul Day 109, [20 Mar 2013]:
Taliban victim Malala Yousafzai starts school in UK http://gu.com/p/3ehta/tw  via @guardian

Kabul Day 110, [21 Mar 2013]:
Welcoming Spring and the Persian New Year with blossoms from our garden tree. http://instagr.am/p/XG5Y_bMFSO/

More pics of cherry blossoms. http://instagr.am/p/XG5x4-MFSh/

Happy New Year, Afghanistan…. Iran… And all who consider themselves Persians <pic posted of me wearing Afghan attire>

Kabul Day 111, 10.17am [22 Mar 2013]:
Hoping today will be an efficient day with my post-production edits, website, and proposal writing.

Am watching IIFA Awards for Bollywood (Indian) actors on Afghan TV channel, yet hosted in Singapore. How surreal can it get?!

A surprising map of the countries that are most and least welcoming to foreigners http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/03/21/a-fascinating-map-of-countries-color-coded-by-their-openness-to-foreigners/ …
Retweeted by Edmund Chow

First ever ‘Breathing Lung’ transplant. Medical technology breakthrough again. Watch video at http://huff.to/14agObg  via @HuffPostLA

Kabul Day 113, [24 Mar 2013]:
It’s hard to find me among all the handsome men. :p <pic of CPAU staff>

Kabul Day 114, 11.30pm [25 Mar 2013]:
Submitted proposal to donor 30 min before deadline. Phew! I made it again. We gotta win this bid 🙂

Kabul Day 115, [26 Mar 2013]:
Scene after Macbeth kills Duncan (Dari Language) at Kabul, Afghanistan http://soundcloud.com/edmund-chow-1/scene-after-macbeth-kills  on #SoundCloud

A stanza of classical Persian poetry from Shahnameh Ferdusi at Kabul, Afghanistan http://soundcloud.com/edmund-chow-1/a-stanza-of-classical-persian  on #SoundCloud

Kabul Day 119, [30 Mar 2013]:
Our NGO staff went to Qarghar for a social event 2 days ago. Here’s what was captured in the form of attan dances: https://vimeo.com/62944266

Kabul Day 120, [31 Mar 2013]:
Instead of a rubbish truck, the donkey is used to collect rubbish from door to door. http://instagram.com/p/XhZgaTMFeJ/

Kabul Day 121, [1 Apr 2013]:
Painful Payment for Afghan Debt: A Daughter, 6 http://nyti.ms/XlpF8e

Pics of Babur Gardens in the Spring. Kabul, Afghanistan. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152718230210193.1073741826.901190192&type=1 

Kabul Day 123, [3 Apr 2013]:
That’s me being carried on the shoulders, or arms, of strong Afghan friends. 🙂

Me and my dear friend Edmund Chow in Qargha. — with Edmund Chow. <from Ali’s update on my wall>

Kabul Day 124, [4 Apr 2013]:
North Korea Army: ‘War Could Break Out Today’ – Yahoo! News UK http://uk.news.yahoo.com/north-korea-poses-real-clear-danger-us-184425168.html#VvstpgO  via @YahooNewsUK

Kabul Day 124, 11.04am:
Just felt the table shake. Mild earthquake here.

Kabul Day 125, [5 Apr 2013]:
I want my kacang putih man to sell me kacang in a newspaper cone, not plastic bags. Hehe 😉 http://instagram.com/p/Xty7EOsFQl/

Rembrandt Flash Mob Shocks Dutch Shoppers With Live Action Rendition Of ‘The Night Watch’ (VIDEO) http://huff.to/16wQAwu  via @HuffPostArts

Kabul Day 124*, 10.53pm:
Football after work was an energiser. Here’s one photo with a man of stature and a dear friend at work, Kanishka Rasikh. — with Kanishka Rasikh.

*Numbering doesn’t tally. Oh never mind.

Kabul Day 126, [6 Apr 2013]:
Need help from people working in Afghanistan to do an online survey with regards to globalisation. Thanks so much. http://bit.ly/YZgatw

<made contacts with many Afghan twitter accounts to invite them for the survey>

@Sayed_Anwer Hi, I’ll check with the University of Manchester where this research study comes from. Should be OK once analysis is done.

@SesapZai Thank you. No hurry at all. Within the next week or two, maybe? Cheers 🙂

@AmbassadorJawad Thank you so much for your time, sir! 🙂

Kabul Day 128, [8 Apr 2013]:
Chinese Confucius Institute re-opens in Afghanistan – CHINA – Globaltimes.cn http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/773222.shtml#.UWI9mWQyGR4.twitter 

Kabul Day 129, [9 Apr 2013]:
Afghan soldiers enter a Taliban nest — without U.S. troops by their side – http://zite.to/10xCyKj Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 130, 10.50pm [10 Apr 2013]:
A big thanks to all my friends who’ve shown care when I most needed it, especially Mohgan!

@sharifsahak Thank you so much, sir. Cheers 🙂

Balkh Governor Says US, Nato Failed in Afghanistan http://bit.ly/16RCANN Retweeted by Edmund Chow

Kabul Day 131, [11 Apr 2013]:
Stand tall thru it all. http://instagram.com/p/X8uaHtMFaX/ <posted pic of flower in garden>

BLOG UPDATED: Public Displays of Affection in Kabul http://wp.me/pXIkq-9S

Kabul Day 132, [12 Apr 2013]:
My new sounds: Afghan Sound Bytes: Interview with Samsoor Wahidi http://soundcloud.com/edmund-chow-1/afghan-sound-bytes-samsoor-wahidi  on #SoundCloud

BLOG UPDATED: Afghan Sound Bytes: An Interview with Voice Actor, Samsoor Wahidi http://wp.me/pXIkq-a6

Kabul Day 133, 6.08am [13 Apr 2013]:
Today, we move out of our guesthouse. Sadly, we won’t hv wifi for some time. Will miss my street hawker uncles here.

The sun was strong — with Elham Safi and Edmund Chow. <pic of Elham, after the interview>

Kabul Day 134, [14 Apr 2013]:
More work needed to promote interfaith ties – http://inSing.com  http://news.insing.com/tabloid/more-work-needed-promote-interfaith-ties/id-58723f00 

My new sounds: Afghan Sound Bytes: Actor Khanullah Rasa Talks About Theatre, Corruption and Bacha Bazi http://soundcloud.com/edmund-chow-1/afghan-sound-bytes-khanullah-rasa  on #SoundCloud

Last look at the guesthouse with a garden http://instagram.com/p/YFdL_3MFcK/

The garden porch…for one last time. http://instagram.com/p/YFdRE-MFcO/

Kabul Day 135, [15 Apr 2013]:
Football is my Passion — with Marc Perry and 4 others.

Kabul Day 136, 9.52am [16 Apr 2013]:
Moved into the new guesthouse. Also, exit visa has been approved. Finally taking a vacation on Thu.

Kabul Day 140, [20 Apr 2013]:
BLOG UPDATED: Afghan Sound Bytes: Actor Khanullah Rasa Talks About Theatre, Corruption and Bacha Bazi http://wp.me/pXIkq-ab

The new Turkish ‘do.23 Apr 2013
According to the Wallabies Restaurant owner, this is the only Ottoman dish in the vicinity: roasted… http://instagram.com/p/YdLodzsFXT/24 Apr 2013
Afghan ShylockStanding on the steps of an ancient theatre — the Hierapolis, Phrygia (modern day Pamukkale, Turkey) — I went into an adapted scene from The Merchant of Venice through the eyes of an Afghan. — at Denizli/Pamukkale

26 Apr 2013
Hitler’s Food Taster Recalls Gripping Fear, Delicious Asparagus http://huff.to/15WJIMI  via @HuffPostWorld

27 Apr 2013
Pictures of the Sea of Marmara, the New Mosque, Galata Tower, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar Museum Library and the Spice Garden, all in Istanbul at dusk. (9 photos)

28 Apr 2013
The Aegean Sea at dusk, Kusadasi, Turkey. (4 photos)

[2 May 2013]
Dear friends, due to the rising tension in Kabul, security advice is for us to leave the country. So here I am back home for an extended holiday. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and kind thoughts while I was in Afghanistan from 1 Dec 2012 to 1 May 2013. Life-changing experience. Will be able to “lim kopi or teh-o with all you kakis” now — in Singapore.

[3 May 2013]
@AfPak_Journo: Ex-CIA officer says you cannot buy Afghans with money, but can rent them. http://ti.me/10WeDIG Retweeted by Edmund Chow

[6 May 2013]
Usually on Mondays, I would make a skype call from Kabul to my family in Singapore. Today, I’m blessed to be home. It’s an incredible feeling to be back on familiar grounds, on familiar diets, and with familiar faces.

Monty and me at my aunt’s place. <pic>

[11 May 2013]
BLOG UPDATED: Real Ethical Dilemmas From A Horrific Event in Kabul http://wp.me/pXIkq-af

[14 May 2013]
BLOG UPDATED: No More Drama: Critical Distance or Emergency Stop? http://wp.me/pXIkq-an