The Viva: Preparing for the PhD Exam

The viva voce, pronounced as /vʌɪvə vəʊtʃeɪ/, is a latin phrase in the 1580s that means “by word of mouth”. Also known as viva for short, it often refers to the (oral) defence… Continue reading

PhD Final Process: Issues on Merging Files, Layout, Printing and Binding

Great… I have just completed my conclusion chapter and abstract. Grammatical errors: check. References: check. Layout: check. Appendices: check. As I readied myself to merge all the files together (as I had saved… Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch, National Geographic, and Afghanistan: What the Veil is Happening?

    The two editions of the Afghan Girl appeared on my feed, and I was thinking, “Steve McCurry! What’s the news now?” But the title of the post “Rupert Murdoch marks first… Continue reading

My Responses on Community Theatre for Youths in Singapore (Interview)

Just yesterday, a few National Institute of Education (NIE) students — Alexandria Seah Ming Qi, Gavin Goh Shiming, and Pamela He Hui Mei — asked me for an interview for a presentation they… Continue reading

Oh My, PhD: A Poem For The Academic Journey

Oh My, PhD I awake. I see nothing but an unfinished desire. That despite my greasy ruffled hair and my unwashed face I sit, there, in my chair pondering over Butler, and Marx,… Continue reading

Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (PSRS) Image Awards: Can the Drama in Afghanistan Win?

Instead of speaking about my research (where I was the finalist at the 3 Minute Thesis or 3MT Competition recently), my impact engagement has now moved from auditory to visual, from speech to… Continue reading

Some Hints on the History of Bacha Bazi (1865-1913)

Bacha bazi is a controversial boy-dance in Afghanistan. So are its representations and reactions. (Source: “Dance of a bacha (dancing boy), Samarkand, ca 1905 – 1915”, by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. From the Library… Continue reading

Kandahar Theatrical Group (c.1878-1880)

An historian friend of mine sent me this archived photograph from the World Digital Library of a theatre group in Kandahar, dating as far back as 1878-1880 during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. I… Continue reading

Hands Off Afghanistan: The Soft Power Of Theatre? (3MT Competition)

Titled “HANDS OFF AFGHANISTAN: THE SOFT POWER OF THEATRE?”, my presentation raises the issues around the politics of theatre-making. This was the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition founded by the University of Queensland.… Continue reading

Afghan Men Protesting For Women’s Rights: A Step In The Right Direction

Originally posted on SesapZai – Mom. Artist. Academic. And a little bit of everything else.:
The blog was originally published on the Express Tribune Blogs here. Yesterday, March 8th marked the 104th anniversary of International Women’s…